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  1. Old Means Atmosphere


    10.5.2013 by Millie from Finland

    Vanhoissa museoissa ja kotimuseoissa on tunnelmaa.. / I adore old museums, their atmosphere is great. Don’t you think? Advertisements

  2. Postia blogille WordPressiltä: 2012 in review


    5.2.2013 by Millie from Finland

    WordPress tekee joka vuosi blogeistaan pienen koonnin kävijämäärien ja muun statistiikan suhteen. Tiedän, että tällä blogilla ei hirveesti lukijoita ole, …
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  3. I’ll Try Out Blogger..

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    24.6.2012 by Millie from Finland

    It’s been pretty quiet here.. I’ve been thinking over and over what to do: whether to blog here on WordPress …
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  4. What a great day..

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    24.5.2012 by Millie from Finland

    ..for preparing a meal for a friend ..for a portion of ice cream ..for a bike ride ..or would you …
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  5. Tasty Italy

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    23.5.2012 by Millie from Finland

    Tasty|taly, tast|Italy – just have to taste Italy!! Our trip was great, and the Italian food – oh my gosh, …
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  6. What to pack when travelling with a baby

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    16.5.2012 by Millie from Finland

    So, as I mentioned, I’m going to Rome with the baby, and I’ve been wondering what to pack with me. …
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    8.5.2012 by Millie from Finland

    Yep, I’m going to Rome.. :)

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